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We didnt have any mutual friends nor did we go to the same schools. Later when we started dating we spoke to his mom and found out that we were born in the exact same hospital just 4 hrs apart. He became the love of my life even though we parted ways. I always thought we’d eventually cross paths again until last year when his mom called me with the sad news of death.

Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 — April : Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

Virgo and Scorpio love to keep things in order and under control. Both signs are highly analytical and detail-oriented, making for a highly organized and efficient partnership. Virgo brings a sense of practicality and discipline to the relationship, while Scorpio brings intensity and passion. This pairing can result in a highly focused and productive partnership, with both partners constantly pushing each other to achieve their goals.

Cancer is the sign of the soft-bellied Crab with a hard exterior. The acutely emotional family woman with the ability to nurture everyone like a mother. But because you have an airy Moon, you’re less likely to be emotional and don’t like heavy displays of affection, so you’re less compatible with Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn Moons. The mischievous troublemaker who loves engaging with people, talking about ideas, and stirring up a riot.


A lengthy string and the freedom to travel are necessities for Sagittarians. It is a pleasant partnership if each Sagittarius acknowledges the other’s inner desire to grow. This can be a lovely union — you’re both attuned to pleasing the other person and cultivating balance and fairness.

You Might Feel More Understood

Capricorn brings a sense of discipline and order to the relationship, while Pisces brings a sense of empathy and understanding. This pairing can result in a highly nurturing and supportive partnership, with both partners constantly striving to help each other achieve their dreams. Scorpio will feel supported and “seen” the moment they meet, and it will spark a major attraction. Both Cancer and Scorpio will appreciate being with someone who understands their mood swings and knows how to deal with them the right way. I think a true Astotwin is somebody who is born on the exact same day, same year as you.

Understanding another person at the deepest level is easy when there is compatibility between your moon sign and theirs. Specifically, when moon signs are in the same element. loveconnectionreviews.com/ Leo and Libra shared their love of beauty, creativity, and socializing. Both signs are highly charismatic and outgoing, making for a highly engaging and dynamic partnership.

Since they’re so goal-driven, they might view another Aries as competition — instead of their partner. Astrologically speaking, folks tend to be happiest with someone who is their opposite. A fiery, unpredictable sign will be drawn to someone who’s more measured and grounded.

In a birth chart, the sun is the light of a chart, so it tends to bring attention to the sign and house its placed in. Having your sun in a sign like Aquarius, for example, would bring your acknowledgement and awareness to topics like innovation, intellect, and finding ways to improve or revolutionize tradition. Aquarius suns are known for being the disruptors of the zodiac, always looking for new, revitalized ways of doing things. Born 5 hours apart and can see the similarities but we just have the most predictable ? Times I avoided him since I really dont like to involve myself in a relationship… but its very interesting.

The only thing a same-sign partnership lacks is the challenge. Before Taurus goes all in, they need to see if you have what it takes to be part of their idealistic vision of love. For Taurus, sharing day-to-day life is the essence of romance, as long as it’s done artfully. However, it may be different for people when you look at their entire birth chart/ all of their placements. I find it funny how all the Leo I know are male, and they can’t stand each other very much.

Scorpio Moon compatibility

When moons square, it means that there is tension at the heart of a relationship. Keep in mind that some bonds grow tighter when there is a provocative spark—it keeps things interesting. Re dating, you might also want to click HERE for some memes you’ ll get if you’ re someone who loves astrology.

When I’m getting to know someone, either as a friend or as a potential love interest, I want to know the basics — where are they from, what makes them tick, and what their sign is. Zodiac signs can be extremely informative and insightful into someone’s best and worst traits, and this can be extra valuable when you’re dating someone with the same zodiac sign. Certain signs are super compatible, while others are majorly combustible. That’s not to say that the relationship is guaranteed to either succeed or fail, but learning about how sign-on-sign dynamics play out can be very helpful as you navigate a new relationship.

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