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Stranger Things: The Real-life Relationships Away From The Series TV & Radio Showbiz & TV

Just when it seemed Bob was safe, he was tackled and killed by several Demodogs. Outside, the group met up with Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Dustin, Lucas, and Max. As soldiers traversed the tunnels, Will revealed that the Shadow Monster made him deceive the soldiers.

Mike Vogel

By 1986, Mike had become rather disinterested in keeping contact with Will, only calling him a few times as opposed to Eleven, who has a box of letters from him. Before Mike’s arrival to Lenora Hills for Spring Break, Will began working hard on a painting he refused to show anyone. At the airport, both Will and El were eager to greet Mike at his gate, with Will bringing the wrapped-up painting with him. Unlike El, however, Mike’s reunion with Will was extremely flat, with Mike awkwardly hugging Will. When Mike asked what he was holding, but Will simply said it was a painting he’s been working on.

Natalia Dyer is 25, and plays high school senior Nancy Wheeler.

Millie has been dating singer Jon Bon Jovi’s son for a month and recently featured him publicly on her Instagram account. The blonde wig that Eleven wore was given a backstory; it originally belonged to Mike’s grandmother, who passed away due to cancer. When meeting up with Jonathan, after being rescued by Chief Jim Hopper, the two worked together in building a sensory Fetlife is free deprivation tank so Eleven could use her powers to locate Will in the Upside Down. In 1985, Mike seemed to be on very good terms with Steve now as he and his friends get a hookup from Steve where he helped them sneak into Starcourt Mall’s movie theater. Later, Mike came to Steve’s rescue before he, Dustin, Erica, and Robin were killed by Russian soldiers.

While El was able to hold him off initially, he managed to overpower her, grabbing her by the neck and strangling her. When Billy tried to go after Mike, she retaliated by throwing him through the wall, which resulted in Billy’s escape. That evening in the Wheeler basement, Mike and Lucas discussed their break ups and came to the conclusion that they had done nothing wrong, because “girls act on emotion, not logic” and are a “different species”.

Will went on to guarantee that Vecna would not stop until he had eradicated them and the rest of mankind, which meant they had to kill Vecna if they wanted to put a permanent end to the threats of the Upside Down. Mike reassured his best friend that they would find the means to destroy Vecna once and for all before hearing a car approaching the cabin. The people who came out of the car were none other than Joyce and Hopper, the latter of whom had survived the Starcourt Mall final battle and had been tortured and held captive in Kamchatka for the last eight months. Mike went and got vomit green socks for skating, and he expressed surprise that he was able to get vomit green socks. Mike and El skated on the rink together happily before the three had milkshakes together. Angela and her friends dragged Eleven into the rink and then proceeded to circle around her, causing Mike to get concerned.

Millie posted the super cute photo of herself with Jake and Noah on her Instagram. He’s been datingElsie Richtersince early 2021, but they tend to keep their relationship more private. Shahi began dating Sex/Life costar Demos in 2020 after meeting on the set of the Netflix series that fall.

After fighting the monsters from the upside down, the two go to the Hawkins Middle School Dance, the Snow Ball, together. They are finally reunited but the scene pans out to the mindflayer watching, which some have interpreted as troublesome foreshadowing for the couple. Michael Wheeler is a fictional character from the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. At the start of season three, Eleven and Mike have been dating for seven months, much to the dismay of Hopper, who is annoyed that El and Mike are constantly together, spending all of their time alone kissing. Mike Wheeler and Jim Hopper are the only characters to appear in all episodes of season 1, season 2, and season 3.If including the archival footage from The Lost Sister, then Dustin joins the two.

He also assured Will that they wouldn’t let the monster spy back on him. Following her disappearance after the showdown with the Demogorgon, Mike tried to communicate with Eleven. While Mike and Dustin searched for El, they were ambushed by a revenge-seeking Troy and his best friend James, who both had knives. Troy threatened Mike by telling him he would cut out Dustin’s teeth unless Mike jumped from the cliff. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

Eleven becomes restless and longs to reunite with Mike and his friends, which causes tension between her and Hopper. One day, she runs away from home and travels to Hawkins Middle School. When she finds Mike with Max Mayfield , a new student, Eleven mistakenly thinks Max is flirting with Mike. Out of jealousy, she uses her powers to knock Max off her skateboard before leaving. Upon returning to the cabin, she gets into a heated argument with Hopper over her leaving without permission, ending with her angrily using her powers to damage the cabin. The next day, whilst cleaning the mess she made, Eleven looks through records in the cabin’s basement and discovers that her birth mother Terry is alive, contradicting what Hopper and Dr. Brenner had told her.

However, Eleven manipulated the compasses to lead the boys away from the Gate because she considered it too dangerous. When the boys realized that El had been leading them away, they argued about her motives. Mike was more sympathetic and trusted her, while Lucas was critical of her manipulation. Eleven used her powers to throw Lucas off Mike and into the air, injuring him. After Will’s funeral, the boys discussed the possibility of alternate dimensions with Mr. Clarke.

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