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9 Unmistakable Signs Youre Dating An INTJ

But conflict is not inevitable, and you each have something truly valuable to offer one another. For you, your partner offers a compassionate reality check for your sometimes pie-in-the-sky ideas. Let’s face it, although you have some wonderfully innovative ideas, they’re often mixed in with a few half-baked duds. This person is uniquely positioned to tell you, gently, when you’re reinventing the wheel.

The INTJ is a rare personality type, even among introverts, and not many people “get” us. As a result, we’re careful about committing and may wait a long time to let you in. I have a close girlfriend who is ENTP and we’ve gotten along well for years. I am a friend who will give you honest feedback, brainstorm ideas with you, and not be offended when you bluntly say ENTP things. In return, you get to be my social director, be aware I’m not mad and I still like you if I don’t return communication quickly or accept all your invitations. Also, if you randomly pick up a thread from some months ago conversation, I will know exactly what you’re talking about and we can continue it.

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Whether it’s from cultural/social learning or innate, it’s discouraging. I had a therapist agree with me once that I would have a harder time finding someone than my ex would. It kinda irritated me but now I’m thinking it’s looking that way. These personality types are the next best thing for INTJs.

This doesn’t mean that an INTJ lacks confidence—they just don’t always feel the need to expend their energy socializing over small talk in these kinds of situations. INTJs tend to treat fashion as a means to an end. On most days, an INTJ woman will likely stick to wearing minimalist clothing that doesn’t require too much thought or effort. INTJs are balanced out by Ne dominant types – that is, ENFPs and ENTPs. The tricky part of this equation is that both types are a little less relationship-oriented than the serious INTJ.

We have deep and powerful emotions like any human. Sometimes those emotions even show up in sudden outbursts, especially if we feel a sense of violation or unfairness. But most of the time, we keep our emotions inside.

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They’re often able to identify what it is that inspires and drives you on a level that even you aren’t aware of. It’s a little bit creepy at first but it becomes incredibly useful over time. INTJs are the rational, strategic planners of the Myers-Briggs world. They hold high personal standards for both themselves and others. This analytical type finds themselves drawn to relationships with other intuitive-dominant types who place a high value on intellectual exploration. If the person you’re dating exhibits most of the following behaviors, chances are you’ve got an INTJ on your hands.

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Reciprocation is appreciated, but we’re also self-sufficient. All we really ask is that you understand how much our work means to us and that you show your support. As introverts, we’re bad at bragging about ourselves. To us, honesty isn’t just ethical, but practical. Any dishonesty in a system means results cannot be predicted or trusted. A relationship is a system, and we need to be able to project a strong chance of long-term happiness.

They support their partner’s goals and encourage them to be the best they can be. If you want to impress an INTJ woman, spending quality time, including being of service is the likeliest way to her heart. Researcher, Heidi Priebe, recently conducted a study of love languages among the different Myers-Briggs types.

If something is amiss in the relationship, they appreciate being told point-blank what is wrong and what the best course of action would be to fix it. INTJs want to maintain harmony in a relationship – they simply don’t care to achieve it through guesswork. They are one of life’s ‘doers’ and they believe that actions speak louder than words. They tend to choose activities that will stimulate their senses or their body in some way—whether that’s cooking, bungee jumping or arts and crafts. There are plenty of hobbies here that you could both be interested in, but it can cause rifts between couples who can’t agree on what they want to do in their spare time.

Everything that we do is deliberate, particularly when it comes to maintaining relationships. It’s also important for her that she’s valued for her intelligence as well. More than likely she’s struggled with people not respecting her for her uncharacteristic intensity and independent thinking. INTJ women are not drama queens — and we’re more logically driven than most. We want to be valued for our intellect — and having to deal with people who don’t respect those qualities is frustrating enough already. One characteristic that we are unwavering about is that we require an intellectual soul mate.

Women confuse me more, they have too many emotions running the show behind the scenes. I recommend Match or OkCupid because at least on Match, people can write a lot in their essays and give you an idea about how much depth they have and what topics they like. You can easily sift out the people who don’t have a lot to say about themselves in their profiles.

I just can’t understand them, like their motivations and how they think. I would like to think that men and women aren’t that different, we’re all humans with the same brain chemistry, and yet observations and experiences indicate otherwise. https://datingjet.org/ I’ve never had a close straight male friend so I just can’t understand. INTJ’s want a partner that will stimulate them intellectually, challenge them and inspire them to be better. They can suss out someone who is not genuine a mile off.

I appreciate smart girls who are straightforward that appear sometimes. Can try Boo as it’s the most popular dating app that’s mbti based. It has a lot of intuitives and the conversations there are easier to have since they give a ton of type-specific context and conversation tips.

A lot of INTJs told me no one gets them gifts that they really like. But, when I asked what kind of gifts they do like, there was no clear trend. So what should you know about being in a relationship with an INTJ? In true INTJ fashion, I’ve created a checklist of seven crucial items, based on input from a group of 25 INTJs.

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