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Software development

1 aprile 21

Onion Architecture In ASP NET Core 6 Web API

Content Observability-Driven Development (ODD) Choose your language Organization & Future-proofing Your Code Advantages of Onion Architecture Aerial View Easy to maintain However, we are hopeful that further studies will lead to specific recommendations. Bulb rot caused by bacterial pathogens can be confused with bulb rots caused by fungal pathogens as well as physiological disorders. It    »

19 marzo 21

Switching to a new test management software

Content Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing QA & Testing Ecosystem Requirements-based testing approach How to choose the best test management tool for your business? What is a Test Case and Test Case Management? Execution Types of Manual Cloud Services The testers also need to communicate the bugs found to the development team. The testers and    »

12 settembre 19

‎Adventures in Angular: AiA 246: Migrating Material: AngularJS > Angular with Michael Prentice on Apple Podcasts

Contents Technology throwbacks – A tribute to AngularJS and jQuery Episode 069 with Bradly Green on AngularJS—Office 365 Developer Podcast News about AngularJS Podcast #angularjs Top Podcasts In Technologie Karthik is enthusiastic about App model and client side development ever since the release of SharePoint 2013 RTM. He is also passionate about adopting test driven development    »

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